Grandview Community Centre Association

The GCCA is a non-profit society comprised of community volunteers that jointly operates the Trout Lake Community Centre with the Vancouver Park Board. Our mandate is to bring together our community to provide accessible recreational, social, educational, and cultural opportunities that promote and develop individual, family and community well being.

The Associations seeks to make the centre a place where health and wellness is at the forefront of thinking and where a full spectrum of social, physical, arts and culture programs enriches the lives of individuals and their community.

Our responsibilities include shaping programming, hiring instructors, raising funds, and accessing grants, developing rental policy, advocating for our parks and insuring that decisions affecting the community are made at the grass roots level. The revenue generated through programs and rentals stays in our community and is invested in activities for children, special events, facility enhancements, park programs and artist residencies among other things.

The Association advocates for this community on a number of levels and your voice helps us better represent the community. Let us know how this centre can serve you and if and how you would like to be involved. Your contribution can be anywhere from an hour at an event to serving on the Board or one of its committees.

Board of Directors

President: Kate Perkins
2nd Vice President: Tim Ames
3rd Vice President: David Clarke
Treasurer: Dan Kearns
Secretary: Heather Armstrong

Members at Large: Maggie Baynham, Bree Cropper, Lisa Kew, Sarah Lusina, Judith Pilley, Zachary Rothman, Julia Summer Lane, Dorothy Tong.