Instructor Profiles

Instructor Profiles

Allison Berry – Music
Allison Berry has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria specializing in theatre and choral music.
Testimonial(s): “Excellent, please extend sing along into the spring and summer programs”

Amy Kiara Ruth – Pilates
Amy Kiara Ruth, BSc has been teaching movement classes for over 17 years. She enjoys working with people of all abilities.
Testimonial(s): “Spooky miraculous!” Amy is great at acommodating her participants and understands that everyone is at different levels of pilates.”
“Excellent instructor. Has great knowledge of muscles of thebody and explains movements very well. Very accommodating and knowledgeable, love her”
“Amy is great! Offers a lot of variation and corrects/gives feedback if needed”
“Amy is a thoughtful and friendly teacher who makes everyone feel great. Super instruction and playful energy”
“Such a spectacular class, Amy is the best!!”
“Been attending several years”

Bridget Donald – Iyengar Yoga
Bridget Donald is a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor who has been studying yoga since 1992 and teaching in Vancouver since 2001. Grateful for the benefits that yoga has brought her, Bridget enjoys seeing her students discover the joys of yoga for themselves. She lives in East Vancouver with her husband, two young children and dog.

Catherine Andersen – Dance
Catherine has been a dance educator for 15 years with a BFA in contemporary dance from SFU and a dance diploma from Grant MacEwan College. Catherine is praised for her positive and inclusive approach to teaching ballet, jazz, hip op and modern dance.
Testimonial(s): “The first teacher to engage her child in a class. Would go to a family hip-hop class.”
“Fun great environment!”
“The teacher is really great!”

Claudia Bulaievsky – Creative Dance
Claudia is a passionate multicultural dance educator originally from Argentina. She has taught both in school and after school classes in California. Claudia can often be found learning new dances from around the world. She has a real passion for fostering kids’ own discoveries in art and movement, and seeing them bloom by creating together.

Cathy Belgrave – Expressive Arts
Cathy Spring Photo 2016
Cathy is a Reggio-Inspired teacher who is passionate about supporting children expressing themselves with confidence and creativity. She teaches writing skills, creative writing, nature journaling programs for children 7-12 years, and early literacy and art programs for children 3-5 years. She brings fun and lightness to her programs, while giving children concrete strategies that encourage them to think critically and communicate through writing, art and conversation. Cathy has a BA in Developmental Psychology and a Bachelor of Education, and has worked with children for over 30 years in a variety of educational settings.

Galit Mastai – Textiles
Galit is a textile artist and jewelry designer. She works primarily with gold and antique brass, raw linen and wool, and make up small batch dye baths with plant matter. Her macrame work has been commissioned by Aritzia clothing stores across North America, and her jewelry has been spotted at the Grammy Awards and Brit Awards!

Janine Schroedter – Ceramics
Janine Schroedter
Janine was born on the coast but she lives and works in Vancouver. Her focus is ceramics, printmaking, illustration and painting. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and teaches both children and adults. She is currently teaching pottery on Tuesdays and Comics on Mondays.

Jeff Christensen – Magic
Jeff Christensen has been an educator and performance artist for the past 20 years. His M. Ed. (UBC) investigated and explored the use of magic in an educational context to help promote imaginative thinking. Over the past number of years he has performed hundreds of public shows at schools, libraries, festivals, musicals and corporate events. Jeff has been mentored at the prestigious McBride Mystery School in Las Vegas and he’s continually looking for new and innovative ways to share his magic.

Jhaymee Hizon – Breakdancing
Jhaymee Hizon aka bboy Eloquence is a national breakdance champion. He has been dancing since 1997. He was featured in the 2010 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies. He continues to perform and compete around the world with his crew.

Julie Lebel – Dance
Julie Lebel is a choreographer, community engaged dance specialist and dance educator with more than 20 years of professional experience. Her practice is inter-generational including babies, toddlers and preschoolers with their adults. She graduated from UQAM with a bachelor degree in Dance in 1998. Her choreography was shown at in urban and rural communities across Canada: Tangente in Montréal, Pulse at the Dance Centre in Vancouver, Square Zero (I and II) in Ottawa, and Series 8:08 Season Finale in Toronto.
Testimonial(s): Excellent and unexpected. Wonderful program and instructor.

Kelly Maclean – Tai Chi
Kelly Maclean competed for Canada internationally, and won many medals and three Grand Champion titles in the 1990’s. She has been teaching Tai Chi since 1989.

Kelly McInnes – Dance
Kelly McInnes is a Vancouver-based dance artists and graduate of the Modus Operandi Contemporary Dance Program. Kelly creates work as a platform for social change. Often interdisciplinary, Kelly’s work combines dance, physical theatre, storytelling with sound, material objects and film. ‘Mine’ is in inter-disciplinary project that combines dance, storytelling, live music, and sewing to explore consumption, materialism, identity, gender and queer expression, value, fast fashion, history and memory, using clothing as the common thread. Together with musician Alex Mah and Rianne Svelnis, the group ise co-facilitating free workshops for youth using MINE as the focus. In this collaborative creative process, youth will bring old clothes, make new ones, exchange stories, make and share dances.

Kinsey Deakin – Hooping
Kinsey Deakin is a Vancouver based hoop dancer, performer and teacher who got lost in the vortex of hooping 6 years ago on a beach in Vancouver. Since, Kinsey has traveled to Indonesia where she attended Sacred Circularities Hoop retreat and was inspired by some of the founders of contemporary hoop dance and movement. Using the hoop as a tool Kinsey has a unique way of incorporating dance and hooping, focusing more on dance and discovering new tricks by letting the hoop and her body guide the way. It’s a creative practice, an outlet for self-expression, for discovering and unfolding art. Kinsey is currently teaching hoop dance classes in Vancouver and has an ongoing hoop performance project, Ecliptrix, with her flow partner in crime Lala Bay Meh. Look for her classes in our brochure!

Testimonial(s): “Kinsey has been a great instructor and attentive to each individual. Thanks!”

Kylie Railton – Yoga
Kylie started teaching Kids yoga in 2015 and completed her Kidding Around Yoga Certificate in 2017 and her 200 hrs Yoga teacher training in 2018. She continues to provide a safe and respectful environment for children to explore through breath, meditation, mantras, crafts and movement.

Laura Van der Linde – Pottery
Laura Van der Linde is a dynamic and expressive ceramic artist working in Vancouver. Her work in clay through the last twenty years has been imbued with vivid and bold color and design. She can’t wait to share her clay secrets to the students.

Testimonial(s): “Laura is a gem. Love her, cherish her and keep her forever”
“Laura is great! Very knowledgeable and a great teacher”
“So much fun”
“Laura is very sweet and knowledgeable. I enjoy hanging out with her on Thursdays”
“It’s always really fun coming to class”
“Laura is great, funny, and informative”
“Laura is an incredible instructor. Incredibly knowledgeable, endlessly patient and encouraging. Both in the sense of validating our work and providing support for experimenting, trying new things and trusting ourselves”
“My older daughter signed up to this class as my youngest loves it so much”
“Thanks for creating such a great space and time for my children”
“Laura is amazing with the kids”
“She loves this class and we have to do it again next season”

Lydia Leung – Music and Piano
Lydia Leung likes spreading the enjoyment of music since the age 4 when she sat down at a piano and learned how to play her first notes and learned to sing her favorite song “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. She likes to inspire children to have fun and be creative.
Testimonial(s): “My daughter really enjoyed the class and especially the instructor. She was great with the kids”
“Great class, great instructor”
“Lydia is an excellent teacher. She gives my child the skills he needs in a warm, friendly, environment”

Malory Tate – Art
Currently residing in Vancouver, Malory Tate was born and raised in Kamloops, a small city in the interior of British Columbia. Tate has received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a major in Ceramics and a minor in Art History from NSCAD University in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Michele Smith – Yoga and Pilates
Michele Smith’s classes are light-hearted and fun, and, like my own practice, draw on Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga to achieve strength, grace, and freedom.

Naomi Brand – Dance
Naomi Brand is an independent dancer, choreographer and teacher living in Vancouver. She holds a BA and an MFA from the University of Calgary.
Testimonial(s): “Great class and love it when you schedule adult programs at the same time as children programs.”

Rianne Svelnis – Dance
Rianne Svelnis is a Vancouver-based dance artists and graduate of the Modus Operandi Contemporary Dance Program. Rianne Svelnis’s work combines dance, physical theatre, storytelling with sound, material objects and film. ‘Mine’ is in inter-disciplinary project that combines dance, storytelling, live music, and sewing to explore consumption, materialism, identity, gender and queer expression, value, fast fashion, history and memory, using clothing as the common thread. Together with musician Alex Mah and Kelly McInnes, the group is co-facilitating free workshops for youth using MINE as the focus. In this collaborative creative process, youth will bring old clothes, make new ones, exchange stories, make and share dances.

Rene Hugo Sanchez Rene – Guitar
Rene Hugo Sanchez Rene started to play mandolin, guitar flutes at age of 5 and started touring at age of 8. He collected more than 100 instruments and learned to play all of them. After graduating in at Cusco Conservatory of Music (Peru), Rene was invited to do an international tour which brought him to Canada where he studied at VCC Music Program. He represented Canada to the Nanning International Music Festival (China). Rene has been teaching guitar and other instruments in Canada since 1990.
Testimonial(s): “Love this instructor/teacher. Would appreciate chance to register for some day time when re-registering”
“My son had a great time with the guitar class. He would like to continue to take the class”

Robin Layne – Percussions
Robin marimba press shot
Robin grew up in Victoria and had the good fortune of being mentored by renowned percussionist and educator Sal Ferreras at UVic as a teenager, studying classical percussion with a major focus on marimba. Robin soon fell in love with the rhythms of salsa and Latin percussion and followed this passion to the LA Music Academy where he studied jazz, latin and pop percussion with Billy Hulting (Zappa plays Zappa), Jerry Steinholtz (Diana Ross), Michael Shapiro (Sergio Mendes) among others before moving to Vancouver.

Sue Malcolm – Music
SUE MALCOLM has been a mainstay of the Vancouver folk and bluegrass scene since 1980 as a performer, instructor and organizer. She was a founder and four-term president of The Pacific Bluegrass and Heritage Society. Recognized for her ability to help beginners gain confidence and enjoy making music in a group setting, Sue developed the Slow Pitch Jam method of teaching bluegrass jamming. She has presented this popular workshop at festivals in BC, Alberta and Washington including Wintergrass, River City Bluegrass Festival, The Blueberry Bluegrass Festival, Coombs Bluegrass Festival, Sooke River Bluegrass Festival and the Vancouver Island MusicFest. Since 1996 Sue’s monthly Slow Pitch Jams at the ANZA Club in Vancouver have been drawing huge crowds and helping hundreds of people experience the joy of jamming.
Testimonial(s): “Sue is a great community builder. Would love to take her class again.”
“Fabulous class. Can’t wait to sign up for my next guitar class with Sue”
“Sue is excellent at adapting to class and practical application since she plays so much”

Sun Rey – Art
Sun Rey
Sun Rey has been working with children for more than 25 years at Day Care centres and operates her own Art Academy. She has a diploma in Craft Art, and completed courses in Art Education for Children and Physical Education.
Testimonial(s): “Sun Rey is our favourite art teacher. She is fabulous 😊”
“My daughter really enjoyed the class. We all loved Sun Rey. She is great.”
“Sun Rey is the most outstanding art instructor. She has a natural ability to connect with each and every child. Her energy and creative style makes it a great place for any child and adult too.”

Tegan Ceschi-Smith – Violin and Fiddle
Tegan Ceschi-Smith is a Master’s student in Music Education at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about student-focused engaging and inspiring music education. With an interest and expertise in a diversity of music (classical, fiddle, and jazz) and more than ten years of teaching experience, Tegan is an enthusiastic instructor with tons of youthful energy.
Testimonial(s): “Tegan’s teaching style is fabulous!”
“Tegan is able to fully engage both of my children during their lessons and maintain their interest throughout”
“Tegan is awesome”
“Thanks for hosting this awesome class!”
“Tegan is an exceptional violin instructor. Her skills are extremely valuable”
“We love Tegan!”