Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Alison Cristall: Recreation Supervisor –

Lora Graham: Facility Clerk –

Eva Srobotnjak: Recreation Programmer –

Garrett Wong: Program Assistant III –

Denis Laferriere: Rental Coordinator –

Bernie Dionne: Community Youth Worker –

Sunny Abebe: Licensed Preschool –

Audrey Macaraeg: Licensed Preschool –

Noel Carino: Engineer –

We want your recreation experience to be a positive one. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us at

Board of Directors

President: Kate Perkins
1st Vice President: Magdalena Szpala
2nd Vice President: Tim Ames
3rd Vice President: David Clarke
Treasurer: Dan Kearns
Secretary: Heather Armstrong

Members at Large: Ida Allan, Bree Cropper, Bethany Elliott, Lisa Kew, Dorothy Tong, Maggie Baynham, Kyle Sanderson, Zachary Rothman, Sarah Lusina, Julia Summer Lane, Judith Pilley.