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Program Spotlight

Hoop Dance

Learn all the basic tricks and tips to get you started. Explore movement and dance choreography all while having a blast and meeting new hula hoopers! Kinsey has taught hoop classes while traveling and is looking to expand and share hoop dancing. Hoops will be supplied the first class or bring your own. Kinsey also offers an intermediate class for hula hoopers who want to get moving on the dance floor and play with hoop choreography as a group. A creative and fun way to expand your existing hoop skills by adding tricks, technique, sass and levels to your hoop flow!
deakinInstructor: Kinsey Deakin is a Vancouver based hoop dancer, performer and teacher who got lost in the vortex of hooping 6 years ago on a beach in Vancouver. Since, Kinsey has traveled to Indonesia where she attended Sacred Circularities Hoop retreat and was inspired by some of the founders of contemporary hoop dance and movement. Using the hoop as a tool Kinsey has a unique way of incorporating dance and hooping, focusing more on dance and discovering new tricks by letting the hoop and her body guide the way.

Canadian First Nation Songs

Learn a variety of Canadian First Nations social drum, stick, and rattle songs, along with traditional games and cultural teachings by Sherryl. Hide hand drums and other instruments will be provided. The drums, rattles and flutes that are used to accompany traditional music are often hand-made, constructed from materials from the local environment, including seeds, tree parts and animals parts. Instruments are often considered animate objects and are therefore treated respectfully and are often given gifts of sacred plants. No singing experience is necessary.
sherrylInstructor: Sherryl Sewepagaham is Cree-Dene from the Little Red River Cree Nation in northern Alberta, Canada. She is a singer, hand drummer, music therapist in-training, music teacher, and composer. Sherryl holds a Bachelor of Education (Music Education) from the University of Alberta and is pursuing a Bachelor of Music Therapy from Capilano University. Education and youth are passions for Sherryl; she’s worked extensively as an Aboriginal Music Consultant for Edmonton Catholic Schools, elementary music teacher for Edmonton Public Schools and conductor for two children’s choirs.