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Program Spotlight

Magician: Abra-dabra

Students will learn the principles of magic using cards, coins and other common objects in a hands-on, supportive and fun environment. Students will have the opportunity to perform a graduation trick at the final ceremony where they will receive a certificate of participation in the program. All materials are provided and no experience necessary. Jeff is a teacher and international award-winning magician. Program runs on Tuesdays from January 09 – March 13. Program time is 4:30PM-5:45PM and cost is $105/10 sessions.

Creative Movement & World Dances

Learn unique cultural dances from around the world. By moving, kids will travel to Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. They will start integrating these experiences into their own movement phrases, and by the end of the program they will invite parents and friends to share their creations. Claudia is a multicultural dance educator who also lived and taught in Argentina and in California. Program runs on Fridays from January 12 – March 16. Program time is 4:30PM-5:15PM and cost is $30/10 sessions.

East West Dance Theatre

Explore and have fun with physical and creative exercises based in Dance-theatre performing techniques of Asian origin. Learn Chi Kung and explore different styles of Martial Arts, Gaga and Noh Theatre. From these movements we will create hip hop dances. Kids will definitively enjoy the collaborative artistic process. Program subsidized by a BCRPA grant. Program runs on Wednesdays from January 10 – March 14. Program time is 4:15PM-5:30PM and cost is $40/10 sessions.

Capoeira Camp

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art that combines self-defence, acrobatics, music and dance. Steadily gaining tremendous popularity around the world, this art form is an amazing and positive pastime for kids. Don’t miss this opporunity to immerse your child in a truly one of a kind martial arts experience.
During this camp, students will gain coordination and confidence by learning the fundamental movements. They will gain rhythm and self expression by learning the fundamentals of AfroBrazilian percussion and how to sing Capoeira songs. The class offers a safe, positive and highly active environment with other young aspiring Capoeiristas and the highly experiened and skilled instructors.

Chess for Kids

Come jump into the intricate world of Chess. Each session will be full of chess puzzles, supervised games and game analysis. This comprehensive and progressive program allows students to learn how to play chess in the optimal manner by gradually increasing complexity. Classes will follow the six-level academic chess program of the Vancouver Chess School. To register for Chess for Kids, click here!
Instructor: Maxim Doroshenko is an experienced professional chess player, FIDE Master, Rating FIDE 2331, CFC 2462. He holds Master Degree in Business from SFU. He finished first in the 2011 Paul Keres Memorial Chess Tournament held in Vancouver from May 20-23, cementing his position as British Columbia’s reigning chess champion, and one of the elite chess players in North America. The 36th annual chess tournament – hosted both in Vancouver, Canada at the River Rock Casino and in Tallinn, Estonia – drew 35 players in the open section.

# Competition Year Result Place
1 BC Active 2011 7.5/9 1-2
2 Russian Vancouver 2011 6.5/7 1
3 Keres Memorial 2011 5.5/7 1-2
4 BC Closed 2011 5.5/7 1-2
5 Russian Vancouver 2012 7/7 1