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Program Spotlight

Drama Fun 7-12yrs

Over the course of this action-packed week we’ll learn the fundamentals of acting and performance, story telling and play writing. Through fun-filled drama games, improvisation, individual work and group collaboration we’ll learn what it takes to be an actor, to put on a show and work as team. This is a week long intensive class and we’ll get quite deep into the subject. Be prepared for lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of learning and risk taking as we grow as performers and as people. The week will culminate with a performance for family and friends of material the participants will create together.
Instructor: Christache Ross is an actor, improvisor, clown, playwrite, and theatre director. He loves teaching and facilitating, particularly groups of children who also love to act and perform. He recently finished writing and directing the kids of Project Limelight (projectlimelight.org) in ‘There’s No Place Like Oz’ He has taught children and adults at community centers/schools and non profits throughout Vancouver, and performs as much as he can on the stage and screen and in his bathroom in front of the mirror. He loves cheese and moustaches, but not when cheese gets stuck in his moustache. He’s often seen performing with the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret (dustyflowerpot.org) theatre troupe.