Staff Directory

We want your recreation experience to be a positive one. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us at [email protected]

Trout Lake staff team

Erica Mark, Recreation Supervisor — [email protected]

Sandy Lim, Facility Clerk — [email protected]

Maggie Vasicek, Recreation Programmer II — [email protected]

Matt Sung, Recreation Programmer I — [email protected]

Steven Tautscher, Fitness Programmer — [email protected]

Eddy Uechi, Ice Rink Programmer — [email protected]

Jerry Chan, Rental Coordinator —

Bernie Dionne, Community Youth Worker — [email protected]

Sunny Abebe, Licensed Preschool —[email protected]

Noel Carino, Engineer — [email protected]

Dean Andrews, Maintenance Technician  — [email protected]

Karine Ling, Youth in Action Coordinator — [email protected]

Carol Smith, Senior Board Administrator — [email protected]