Amy Kiara Ruth BSc (Kin, Ed) has been teaching movement classes for over 17 years. She works as a kinesiologist and somatic movement educator. She enjoys offering Pilates matwork classes to support participants in moving with increased ease and embodiment. She enjoys working with people of all abilities.
Testimonial(s): “Spooky miraculous!” Amy is great at acommodating her participants and understands that everyone is at different levels of pilates.”
“Excellent instructor. Has great knowledge of muscles of the body and explains movements very well. Very accommodating and knowledgeable, love her”
“Amy is great! Offers a lot of variation and corrects/gives feedback if needed”
“Amy is a thoughtful and friendly teacher who makes everyone feel great. Super instruction and playful energy”
“Such a spectacular class, Amy is the best!!”
“Been attending several years”