Kat Single-Dain is a critically acclaimed performer and director living in Vancouver, BC, with an honors degree in Film Production from UBC, and a minor in Dance from UC Berkeley. As the Artistic Executive Director of local non profit society The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, named one of “Vancouver’s best kept secrets” by the CBC, she leads the annual Parade of Lost Souls for thousands of community members to enjoy, and has written, directed and choreographed eight full-length, original theatre productions including the Jesse nominated Hard Times Hit Parade, and the upcoming Disco Inferno, in April 2022. Kat is one of The Myrtle Sisters –three part harmonizing and tap dancing band who have won over festival and schools from PEI to Florida. Kat is also “world famous in parts of East Vancouver” for her over-the-top character Gloria, and the show that goes with it, Gloria’s Happy Hour.

“When the dancers launch into director Kat Single-Dain’s energetic, swing-inspired choreography, you can feel the sap starting to run in the trees.” ~COLIN THOMAS, The Georgia Straight

“Kat Single-Dain has one of those resumes that compel instant credibility. Seeing her in action proves her distinctions are entirely deserved.” -ELIZABETH NOLAN, The Driftwood