Laura Van der Linde is a dynamic and expressive ceramic artist working in Vancouver. Her work in clay through the last twenty years has been imbued with vivid and bold colour and design. She can’t wait to share her clay secrets to the students.


“Laura is a gem. Love her, cherish her and keep her forever.”

“Laura is great! Very knowledgeable and a great teacher.”

“So much fun.”

“Laura is very sweet and knowledgeable. I enjoy hanging out with her on Thursdays.”

“It’s always really fun coming to class.”

“Laura is great, funny, and informative.”

“Laura is an incredible instructor. Incredibly knowledgeable, endlessly patient and encouraging. Both in the sense of validating our work and providing support for experimenting, trying new things and trusting ourselves.”

“My older daughter signed up to this class as my youngest loves it so much.”

“Thanks for creating such a great space and time for my children.”

“Laura is amazing with the kids.”

“She loves this class and we have to do it again next season.”