February can be dreary, can’t it? But thank goodness there’s Family Day (Monday, Feb. 15) to look forward to! While of course this year cannot compete with the usual AMAZING Trout Lake Family Day Festivities, we’ve got a surprise for kids big and small…

Trout Lake Community Centre is excited to challenge families to get dressed for whatever weather and take The Great Scavenger Hunt!

Want to make it even more fun? Be sure to grab your camera (and maybe some cupcakes!) because as a motivator, to counteract any temptation to stay on the couch, we will be giving prizes!

Submit your favourite photo by 9 a.m. on February 17 to [email protected] and you’ll be entered into a random draw for a chance at 3 (surprise!) prizes. Winners will be contacted and can pick up their prize package on February 22, 2021 at the Trout Lake CC front desk.

For even more fun, tag @troulakecc on Instagram & Facebook and use/view the hashtag #troutlakecc to see what other families have found!

The Great Scavenger Hunt checklist (download this version to print out):

Something that starts with the letter O
A house with Christmas lights still up
A playground with at least 4 swings
A spring bud poking out of the dirt
Something with hearts on it
A leftover pile of leaves
A dog with a jacket on
Someone wearing a hat
A municipal vehicle
Something striped
A green truck
A pine cone
A squirrel
A mailbox
A bug

Happy Family Day from the Trout Lake Community Centre staff and the TLCC Association Board of Directors!